Phocus is an international competition dedicated to cosplay photography and videography. Phocus is the biggest multimedia cosplay content in the world.
It was born in 2012 as a simple promotional contest for a comics and games event. Soon it left this initial focus and already in 2015 it started to be a real photo contest known all over Europe.
In 2018 the contest broke through an incredible number of 1000 entries from as many as 12 different countries and in 2019, the doors were opened to the videography component and we soon had 24 different countries participating!
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the award ceremony was restructured and became an exclusively online event, but thanks to the potential of social networks, this ceremony is followed annually by many people live from all over the world.
Given the huge success of the contest, the Phocus Team has also created the Phocus Magazine, a magazine based on the contest that can be downloaded free of charge by anyone all over the world and also contains the latest news in terms of photography and videography. It will also be an important showcase for companies in the sector that decide to put their image alongside that of the contest.

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