Phocus was born in 2012 as a promotional contest for an Italian "comics and games" event (CUSplay PISA) but thanks to its great success it became in 2014 an independent photographic competition that was known all over the country. During the various editions, the number of competitors and the quality of the photos increased incredibly. In 2015 the competition began to receive the first European competitors until, in the last two editions, it reached a worldwide contest. In fact, the 2018 edition reached a new big goal: over 1000 competitors from 12 different countries! In the same year the "Phocus Project" is enriched and, in addition to the photos contest, it was also a photographic event in the city of Pisa (Italy) that had the Ukrainian photographer "Pugoffka" as a special guest, along with two other great Italian photographers Matteo Sciarra and Manuel Moggio, besides numerous high-level cosplayers like the great Leon Chiro and the beautiful Kicka Cosplay. This event was later renamed the "Phocus Experience" (click on the link to see the photo album of this event). Phocus is known today as the biggest photographic cosplay contest in the world and in the 2019 edition it will open the doors to videography, obtaining the acronym of "The biggest multimedia cosplay contest in the world".


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