Waiting PHOCUS 2020...

Phocus 2019 was a fantastic competition, the most impressive edition ever, with photos from 20 different countries (France, Russia, Spain, England, Germany, Belarus, Switzerland, Belgium, Latvia, Colombia, Sweden, Austria , Scotland, Bulgaria, Canada, Ukraine, Slovenia, Poland and Brazil)

On this page we will talk about "100" fantastic photos (category by category).


This category talks about the most beautiful photos concerning the world of animation, classic cartoons or computer graphics cartoons. Disney is certainly the most used "world" but in this edition we also find a fabulous photo taken from a Dreamworks masterpiece.

a52 Andrea De Paoli

"A poor subject will almost always lead to a poor photo", "a quality subject will almost always lead to a quality photo", this simple and clear definition refers to the excellent shot of the photographer Andrea De Paoli to the cosplayer Lady Amber Creations (Rosaspina, The Sleeping Beauty). A simple photo but of great impact. As we said a little while ago the subject is very important, indeed here the model is very nice and the photographer is good to capture this moment. Congratulations guys.

a78 Sandy Bizzozero

Extraordinary photography, this cosplay and the related photographer (S.Photography) has been already awarded in the last edition, but this new shot is beautiful. High-level photography, lights, colors and the great ability of the cosplayer (Luciole S) to "fit" with great style and delicacy the image. We are interested in seeing new possible developments of this set in the future.

Copia di 168 Ipocis Cosplay

Great photo, one of the most appreciated on our socials in this edition. In this case I-Poci's Cosplay personifies "The Beast" coming from the Disney animated film "Beauty and the Beast". An extremely detailed subject of absolute quality, one of the best in the world. An applause also goes to the photographer Laura Crystal Emiliani who gives us this clean, simple and highly emotional shot. Congratulations.

270 Bluna Vyris

The cosplayer Elena Yuna and the photographer Bluna Vyris together in another shot very appreciated by our followers on socials. We are once again in the Disney world and this time in the animated film "The little mermaid". The shot is very exciting and sweet at the same time, Ariel (in human form) observes the moon with a very sweet facial expression. The photographer plays very well in the post-production phase giving us a very clear and marked effect that emphasizes us even more the subject and the location. Good job!

Copia di 337 Lele Draw

Great work in this photo for the cosplayer Lele Draw, a photo that seems taken directly from the animated film "The sleeping beauty" by Disney. Daniele Cosenza (the photographer) is really extraordinary in this image works very well with simplicity and mastery on the subject also with a good post production that creates a "fantasy touch" like the real scene in the cartoon. It is very difficult to make a final image like this, in fact this is a great couple work, a fantastic affinity that we find 100% in the image that was sent to us. Very well!

Copia di 436 Misch.Axel

A masterpiece by the cosplayer Misch.Axel and the photographer WorldbyHOKA. One of the most beautiful photos of this edition: lights, colors, location, the cosplayer's look and many other small details catapult us into the world of "How to train your dragon". This is the ideal photograph we want in a competition like Phocus, an image that releases passion and love. Congratulations guys, 10+


In this category are shown some of the most beautiful photos concerning the world of anime and manga! In short, the world that revolves around comics and cartoons strictly "Made in Japan".

Copia di 70 Roberto Grande Grande

Very beautiful photo of the Spanish photographer (but resident in Switzerland) RGG Photography. We are inside the anime "Darker Than Black" and cosplayer Akira Meyer Cosplay is personifying the character of Yin (real name Kirsi). Great "stolen" shot: the grass that partially covers the subject creates a nice "touch of class" and gives lightness to the whole scene. Beautiful colors and general lighting of the scene. Great job, congratulation for this work.

Copia di 161 Irish Jerry

Irish Gerry is a photographer we know well (7th overall in the last edition of Phocus). What we like about his work is his research for "non-normal" things that every time amazes us positively. Also in this picture the photographer innovates and amazes with a "strange" shot (cosplayer Agata Ceccon, Touka Kirishima from Tokyo ghoul). Gloomy atmosphere, dark tones and a mysterious but truly captivating final image. Congratulations.

Copia di 229 Moriconi Alice

Moriconi Alice of the "Fish and Chips Cosplay Group" sends us this shot made by photographer Matteo Sciarra (1st absolute in the 2017 edition of Phocus). We found this photo very relevant to the context of Boku no Hero Academia where the sadistic Himiko Toga is part of it. Splatter shot where the photographer gives much importance to the blood (right choice) and makes it even more "participant" of the scene accentuating it in the post-production phase. Image of great emotional impact. Congratulations guys.

Copia di 330 Michal Cernansky

Michal Čerňanský is on the fire! The Slovenian photographer is able to switch from one style to another with extraordinary capacity. In this shot, he is engaged in the world of cosplay with the cosplayer Toshiro Kisaragi (as Loki in the Divine Gate anime). Beautiful point of view from the bottom to not create an "usual photo", a technique and a choice that can be used only having great experience and intelligence. In addition to that, a good post-production giving majesty to the image. Congrats!

Copia di 395 Luca Fornaciari

Luca Fornaciari and the cosplayer Alexandra Reika Cirri give us one of the most beautiful photos of this edition. The character of Sabo (from One Piece) is excellently characterized, the point of view chosen by the photographer is very beautiful and the game with fire is extremely relevant to the character. Photos of great impact. Congratulations.

Copia di 456 Dreidor

This by Dreidor is really a picture that has so much to tell. Extremely rich in details is the final image, so many touches of class and care for final form of the work. Good work also of the cosplayer (the talented Ayleen HeavenSky). Violet Evergarden is immortalized with her classic, emotionless look, she's writing letters on letters (for others) with the intention perhaps of finding herself and the roots of her past. A small photographic masterpiece, suitable for a contest of this level. Well done.


In this category are shown some of the most beautiful photos that portray couple of characters from the same world or original cross-over.


Brilliant, sophisticated, successful! This is what we think of this photo of the German photographer Focal Fox to the couple Darth_bronka and Amainiac.art. They wanted to recreate a scene from a particular mission taken from the video game "The Witcher 3" and the end result really struck us. The excellent post-production recreates a very beautiful "night effect" for the location and the two protagonisti. Great!

117 Steeve Lee Photo

Beautiful photo from Steeve Li Photo. The French photographer gives us an aggressive image taken from a moment of tension that we can find in Naruto Shippuden. Beautiful point of shot, colors and the play of light. The cosplayers, NONA Industries & Fukari (Madara & Obito) are very good at recreating the "pathos" that such a scene certainly deserves. Congratulations!

Copia di 225 Federica Porfirio

King and Armor King, "good against evil" in the eternal challenge that the photographer Federica Porfirio gives us in this shot (cosplayers Delta Couple Cosplayer & Lord Bailis Cosplay). King's unmasking by his bitter rival made famous by the video game Tekken is an exciting image. There is a large studio behind a photo like this, we congratulate everyone, very good.

Copia di 264 RGG Photography

Another photo with a great emotional impact and a masterful execution by the cosplayers (Rinaria_cos & Anna_sora_cosplay). The photographer is RGG Photography and the characters are Chuuya Nakahara & Osamu Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs manga) with the latter obsessed with committing suicide. Focus on the characters, a blurred background that makes even more apprehensive about the possible and imminent arrival of a train, a touch of class and an artistic message that has reached our hearts. Well done.

266 Crimax

Let's go with Crimax in the world of "originals cosplay", a world always difficult. Very artistic photo, the photographer is good to giving "importance" to both subjects despite their positions as absurd "opposite" into the image. The lighting is also excellent, very soft and well diffused inside the image, and the post-production phase is veiled and precious. The two models Kaliet Tiger and Lady Amaltea with which we congratulate for the realization of the characters inspired by the circus world are also beautiful and realistic.

Copia di 412 Mark Wesker

The cosplayer Mark Wesker sends us this beautiful couple shot made by the photographer B-ARTSTUDIO. We are in the world of Final Fantasy, beautiful post production phase, the two cosplayers are truly spectacular in their interpretation of the villain and the protagonist of Final Fantasy X. A photo of great emotive impact good for a contest like Phocus.

Copia di 424 Celaena Cosplay

There's a great passion between Triss Merigold and Geralt of Rivia (video game "The Witcher 3 Wild hunt") in this shot by Daniele Cosenza Photocosplay! Sensual but not vulgar, a photo with great visual and emotional impact, the photographer (and the cosplayers Celaena_Cosplay and Taryn) are very good at not falling into naivety and banality and give us a final image natural and spontaneous . "Hot" lights that accentuate even more the intimate moment coming between two of the most beloved videogame characters in recent years. Well done!

Copia di 454 Valentin Pictures

We are transported into the Disney world (Snow White) thanks to this beautiful photo by the French photographer Valentin Pictures. They wanted to recreate one of the most iconic moments of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" animation masterpiece made in 1937 in the American studios of Disney when Prince Florian meets Snow White in the woods for the first time and falls in love with her. The image for the eyes of the public is very sweet and fairytale. We loved it very much. Congratulations also to cosplayers Nikita Cosplay and Blondecay for the interpretation.


In this category are shown some of the most impressive photos you have sent us showing the comparison between the cosplayer and his real counterpart. Incredible similarities !!

Copia di 365 Giammarco Buccellato

One of the most dramatic and discussed moments of the TV series "Game of Thrones", the closing of the 5th season; Jon Snow assassinated by his companions at the barrier. In this image the cosplayer Giammarco Buccellato and the photographer Daniele Cosenza Photocosplay recreate this moment...leaves us once again speechless ... (impressive!)

Copia di 443 Misch.Axel

Misch.Axel is certainly one of the symbolic cosplayers of this edition of Phocus, impressive the level of the cosplayer in various situations that have been sent to us. Here, however, the apotheosis is reached. A PERFECT Noctis (Final Fantasy XV), in every way, costume, hands, look, wig, step, etc. etc. Does perfection exist? Maybe not, but here we are very (very) close. Thanks also to the Fotomania photographer for making this shot.

Copia di 446 Mark Wesker

The cosplayer Mark Wesker closes the category still in tandem with the photographer B-artstudio. The winning team doesn't change and in this image we think "What is the cosplayer of the two"? Another beautiful image, great impact from the Lich King (from Warcraft) excellently made and "packaged" properly with a wise post-production. Well done!



In this category we reward the best photos with an important post-production phase. In that case the photographer, trasforms him in a digital artist and work hard in post-production phase and with spectacular Special-FX applications!


Spectacular artistic work by the photographer (but also cosplayer in this case) Kaiserin Panny, together with Shiva Cosplay and David Pirocco create an impressive image taken from the universe of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. The characters are Mary Read, Anne Bonny and Edward Kenway, the ship is the only real element of the scene all that is outside is the result of a scrupulous and impressive post-production work. A Phocus 2019 masterpiece and we advise you to see the "Making of" at the following link, congratulations: https://www.facebook.com/kaiserinpanny/videos/1848703268540565

Copia di 120 Monsters Cosplay

In this edition of Phocus, a photographer / digital artist appeared in great shape, we are talking about Gianluca Circiello Photographer who gives us this fantastic image taken from the universe of Sailor Moon. Beautiful, majestic and of great visual impact, a photo that every cosplayer dreams of having. The cosplayers are very sweer,  monsters_cosplay couple (Neo Queen Serenity & Endymion). Congratulations for the attention to detail and great realization capacity.

Copia di 131 Psykoto

Great work by the French digital artist Psykoto. The magical musical instrument of violinist Kaori (the good Amu-chii Cosplay) takes the scene (right choice) in an image worthy of the manga "Your lie in April". Exquisite workmanship technical realization, beautiful light effects. Congratulations guys.

Copia di 136 Geekboot Costography

Directly from England, the photographer GeekBot Photography in collaboration with ForgeOfTheFenix (to which the mention for the creation of the skeletal dragon goes) and the cosplayer Haylin send us this spectacular image of Haylin that brings us in the Neverwinter universe. A straordinary technical work, really beautiful and relevant to the context of Neverwinter seriers, the specials-fx needed to create an impressive image with a great emotional character. Thanks and congratulations!

Copia di 163 Francesco Pellegrino Fashion Cosplay

Francesco Pellegrino of the Fashion & Cosplay couple sends us an "intelligent" image which, thanks also to the excellent collaboration with cosplayer Nightsound (Warlock Undead character from WoW), is a very good photos in Phocus 2019. Very high defection, high quality of the shot with bright colors and complete the picture an excellent sphere of energy and truly immersive particle effects. Congratulations for this work!

Copia di 277 Gianluca Circiello Photography

Another time Gianluca Circiello Photography be rewarded in this world of digital art. Masterpiece image of the Shuu Tsukiyama character from Tokyo Ghoul of the cosplayer maryelvery_official. The recurrent "symbol" butterflies in the famous manga series merge poetically with the character giving us a final image with a great emotional impact and much class. Congratulations.

Copia di 311 Andrey Spiridonov

Bulgarian photographer and digital artist Andrey Spiridonov sends us this beautiful image, one of the most appreciated also on our socials. We are catapulted into the world of Heart Stone, the character (Frost Lich Jaina create by the Wiccana cosplayer) is made and impeccably graphically constructed: we seem to be in front of one of the many official images of the character that you can find on the internet. Post-production masterpiece, applause! Congratulations!

Copia di 419 Nona

The cosplayer Nona and the photographer Fabio de Leonardis give us a really very "Urban" image with even "cyberpunk" tones and with a very rock final style related to the atmospheres of Ai Yazawa's manga. Very good the technical realization and the final rendering desired by the digital artist is very impactful. Congratulations.

Copia di 437 Poledigitalpix

The cosplayer (Sweet Angel) and the photographer/digital artist (Poledigitalpix) are a guarantee. The Italian digital artist is one of the most appreciated exponents of the sector in Europe, his works are appreciated many times also in this contest. This time we are in the world of Diablo 3 and the sorceress is very well characterized, really beautiful the point of view of the shot, good location and superb the post production with credible and spectacular lighting effects. Congratulations.


In this category we analyze some of the most beautiful photos taken from films or television series

Copia di 51 Luca Finotto

At the limit of the impressive resemblance of cosplayer Daniele Bolzon (Tremotino, Once upon a time) with his real counterpart. Beautiful close-up shot of Luca Finotto, which captures a beautiful expression that bewitches the viewer. Spectacular image congrats guys!

Copia di 83 Martina Brui

Amazing this photo of Martina Brui to cosplayer Lorna Mary Ciani! Image that seems to be taken from a piece of Star Wars films, the subject from behind is all in this picture, good choice to decentralizing it into the image (a perfectly applied rule of thirds). With this solution the final image takes on a poetic and magical tone thanks to a location that is truly relevant to the saga where Rey is one of the protagonists. Congratulations.

Copia di 86 F1.8

Ten, even twenty minutes of uninterrupted applause to the cosplayer Alice Ricci Vitiani. When this photo came into the contest at first time we thought that Emilia Clarke had entered the contest ... crazy things! Congratulations you are identical! The photo also impressed the audience on our socials media, over 1400 likes on Instagram (first absolute place), an epic Daenerys Targarien (Game of Thrones)... Anyway we go to compliment even with F / 1.8 Photography (author of the shot) that does justice to the subject, doesn't distort anything and gives us a simple and winning half-body shot. We would love to see this team in a dedicated set in a location related to the famous HBO TV series. Well done and congratulations again.

Copia di 95 Luca Finotto

Antother reward for Luca Finotto. "Jack Sparrow photo" if used badly can be boring and trivial. This isn't the case because the image of the talented photographer is truly epic. Good the location but also the background realized for the occasion, the cosplayer is also a security, that Louis Guglielmero certainly among the best European exponents of the famous pirate made by Johnny Depp. Congrats!

Copia di 347 DungeonQueen

A touch of class by the photographer Ketography and the cosplayer DungeonQueen. The "Niche" theme photo is inspired by a famous Turkish TV series (Muhteşem Yüzyıl, The Magnificent Century). The portrayed character is the Safiye concubine (who later becomes sultan) going to marry Sultan Murat III. The location, the lights, the colors and the post-production relevant to the context that the photographer wanted to recreate, really do a very oriental touch for this photo. Beautiful, congratulations!

Copia di 416 AG Photography

Extremely "fashion" this image created by AG Photography in collaboration with cosplayer Kurichan Cosplay. We are in the Disney world more precisely in the live action "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms"; The "square" cut, the look of the model and a flamingo (element added during post-production) wisely inserted into a very glamorous image with a sure emotional impact. Well done!


In this category we analyze images of groups (3 or more people) related to the same "series" or of characters from multiple universes (cross-over).

Copia di 195 Ana Duque Fashion Cosplay

How difficult the group photos are! Being banal is always just around the corner, which is why in this edition of Phocus only one photo has passed our category exam and is this Ana Duque's photo of the "Fashion & Cosplay" team. It is an "original" photo, however, inspired by "The Purge", an American television series based on the movie "The night of judgment", the cosplayers are Alessandra Raven and Progetto Eden (masterly in the interpretation of the scene). A horror and dramatic moment perfectly captured by the photographer's eye that inspires in the viewer moments of terror before an almost certain death of the predestined victim. Congratulations, the category is yours.


In this category we analyze and photos of invented characters and costumes, taken from the fantasy genre, like elfs, angels, magicians, goblins or characters taken from the world of fairy tales.

Copia di 75 Sandy Bizzozero

S. Photography at truly epic photographic levels! The cosplayer is Xeryaa and we are in the magical fairy-tale world of fairies and woods. The Swiss photographer is poetic in this shot, in which the central subject takes the scene in a very "fantasy" location, all enriched by a delicate post-production and really well-made light effects. Fantastic!

Copia di 104 Malimoria

Great shot of the photographer Malimoria that is able to work multiple types of photography (as her portfolio shows). The cosplayer is Ellie35x. Her character is really beautiful and full of great emotional impact. We really liked this image: the photographer plays on a sort of "fluorescence" that puts the viewer's focus on the model's face, a touch of class and particularity that we often find in the masterpieces of the talented photographer and digital artist. Congratulations.

114 Romai Lee

How beautiful is the FlowerMaid of the cosplayer RomaiLee! It is really a shame not having received the photo in high quality but the received was still sufficient for us to reach the category award page. Excellent point of view chosen by the photographer Whitebutterfly Pics, beautiful lights and post-production, very good depth of field that gives epic to the whole scene. Congratulations for this work.

Copia di 129 Psykoto

Psykoto takes us into the world of fairy tales, we are in a particular scenario taken from "The Little Red Riding Hood" created (in the true sense of the word) thanks to the beautiful interpretation of the cosplayer Priscilla créations. The French photographer and digital artist gives us an image that really impressed our jury. There are many details in the photo: the wolf, the sky, the reflection in contrast with the rest of the scene. This photo is really beautiful and magical. Congratulations. 

Copia di 265 Crimax

What a quality and image "clean" in this shot by the Italian photographer Crimax! Disturbing (in the good sense of the term) interpretation of the cosplayer Kaliet Tiger, a Pagan Priestess full of details and with excellent make-up. The photographer is good and wise in capturing with his camera a moment of tension and very dark feeling that doesn't portend anything good in the eyes of the viewer. Good work!

Copia di 312 Kaggi DigitalArt

Kaggi DigitalArt is an emerging Italian photographer but with a great natural talent and sends us this photo made to the cosplayer Hikari Cosplay (a persuasive demon with the likeness of an angel). Very gloomy image, fully centered on the subject treated, very beautiful the lights and the focus that the photographer wanted to give to the image in post-production phase that "push-up" the sad and gloomy look of the demon. Great job, certainly an interesting start.

Copia di 320 franciscarouge

It is an absolute masterpiece in the world cosplay photography of fantasy genre this shot by Daniele Cosenza Photocosplay at the cosplayer franciscarouge. The Italian couple was already ranked in ninth absolute place in the previous edition of Phocus with a shot of this character, but now they back into the contest with a Blue Melody 2 (and the "two" symbolizes a new set dedicated to the character) that strengthens (and increases) the good already shown in the past. Rule of thirds applied to perfection,beautiful subject and truly evocative location, extraordinary pose of the model and "sweet" post production of highest level. Where can this picture go? We don't know, but this review talkly clear. Standing ovation.

Copia di 453 AG Photography

Great couple formed by AG Photography and the cosplayer Pretty IceCream Couture. Beautiful character, beautiful costume and interpretation of the scene by the talented cosplayer absolutely at ease in front of the camera. We really liked the contrast between the location colors and the character, a contrast chosen by the photographer that makes the character even more justice. A beautiful and clean image completes a true "image" that is absolutely rewarding in Phocus 2019. Thank you!


In this category we review photos of original characters and costumes taken from the horror genre, such as orcs, goblins, dark elves, zombies or characters from the "Dark" world.

Copia di 156 Tino Fotografie

"Disturbing" is the character created by cosplayer Giulia Cristino, we congratulate with her for the grat job. Alone, however, a good character can't be rewarded in a contest of this level and here, the great photographer TinoFotografie enters the scene. The photo is disturbing even in the technical analysis phase and comes out of the classic canon in which "the dominant eye" it must be at the center of the scene, here it is deliberately placed sideways and amplifies the concept of fear that you wanted to recreate, also excellent post production that enriches this strongly dark image. Well done!

Copia di 275 Moycano Amistad

What an anxiety looking in this photo of the photographer Moycano Amistad!! Extremely dark atmosphere, extraordinary is the photographer in the moment of shooting at the "cadaverous" expression of the demon created by Monsters Cosplay. Fantastic location, perfectly recreated dark environment. We would be really curious to see a future development of this charachter maybe still with the same photographer. Congratulation guys!

Copia di 403 Medero Photo

Here, this photo pass the "exam" with a standing ovation! When a talented photographer like Medero Photo meets a cosplayer (Lydia For Sabry) she makes the original (well done) his daily bread we can't expect these faboluos results. Photos of great emotional impact, you are kidnapped by the look of the model, a lots of touches of class (beautiful center red eye and the other eye deliberately hidden, the coat, the total black background can they be enough?) For a final image of the most beautiful received in this edition. Congratulations and thank you for sending!

Copia di 417 ilpasqui

As the category says, here we want to worry and then we worrythe viewers! Another image with great emotional impact. An original (Nerexenia Von Wrath Necrodeus) created by the cosplayer Animaimago with excellent technique realization and masterfully interpreted. The photographer (ilpasqui) manages to excite us and increases the pathos of the image by positioning the character at the center of the scene but "concealing" it between the vegetation. A photo that takes the viewer into the world of mystery and restlessness on which this category is based.

Copia di 450 OldBoy Studio

The excellent photographer OldBoy Studio and the master of the dark world the cosplayer Lord Ashram in this vampire genre photo with retro tones. It isn't trivial this image that could make a cover of this category, a very nice choice of post-production by the photographer, "extinguishes" the tones with that sense of restlessness and that extra touch to the good expression of the Italian vampire. Congratulations guys for your work!


In this category we reward photos of original characters and costumes, taken from the Steampunk genre, that science fiction literary current with a narrative inspired by a parallel world "governed" by steam engines!

Copia di 293 Marco Gnech

Also in this case, we chose only one photo to represent the category, a nice close-up to the cosplayer Giulia Paltrinieri Micheli created by the photographer Marco Gnech. A non-trivial photo that respects all the canons of good close-up, with a good clean image and a wise post-production that highlights the girl's face, with beautiful lights and excellent colors. Congratulations.


In this category we review photos of close up, difficult photos, details of faces, eyes and mouth that must capture the viewer's eyes!

Copia di 93 Gianni Lanza

Spectacular close up of Gianni Lanza at the cosplayer Francesca Senapo (Medusa of Soul Eater). In this image, the photographic technique used to give a decisive and emotional touch is fantastic. The line of the eye is placed to give importance and depth and in some way also to the authority of the character towards the viewers. Even the position of hands (intentionally slightly blurred) give mysterious and very immersive "aura" to the photo. Congratulations guys.

Copia di 146 Francesco Tacconi

How to give emotions with a close up Chapter 1 ... the photographer Francesco T Photo and the cosplayer Ahsoka94 could write us a book of this genre of photos... What a photographic masterpiece! One of the most beautiful close up photos in cosplay world in last years. The "look" of the character Elise de La Serre (Assassin's Creed Unity) is extremely natural, the mouth conveys emotions, the post production is beautiful and delicate...everything is perfect...standing ovation...nothing more to add. Well done.

Copia di 155 Tino Fotografie

Oh my god! But what are we looking for? Absolute genre masterpiece by Tino Photography in collaboration with cosplayer Beatrice della Porta. In this photo there is all the emotionality of the perfect close up united by the touch of class that "darkens" the look of Belle (Beauty and the Beast), the famous rose of the Disney's cartoon intentionally blurred, giving to the picture that particularity you can find in one picture on million. Straordinary level. Standing ovation. Thank you to sending us this work.

Copia di 187 Gabriel Galchev Inciden7a

Very beautiful this close up of "Honest Cosplay: Blade (Gabriel Galchev)" to cosplayer Polly Vucheva. We really liked the chromatic style chosen for the final image and the "blue" in the black and white of the photo brings out even more the chosen details and the face of the cosplayer (Senua from Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice). The final image is therefore very gloomy and mysterious like the atmospheres of the video game created by Ninja Theory and published on Playstation 4 in August 2017.


In this category we reward photos of super heroes of Marvel or DC Comics, a real Royal Rumble with super powers!

Copia di 53 Befeel

Incredible this photo made by Be Feel! An urban feeling perfectly related to the character (Silk of Marvel Comics) and a majestic point of view that gives great importance to the character interpreted by the cosplayer NiLu. A decisive and pertinent post-production completes the excellent work for a photo that could very well be a movie poster!

Copia di 98 Eugene

Eugenesart_ and his photographic masterpiece inspired by the famous hero Spiderman (made by cosplayer Parker Cosplay). Absurd image, photography or computer graphics?! Omg! The Latvian photographer (third absolute place in the previous edition of Phocus) leaves us speechless by going to make the surely cleaner, sharper and more impressive image of this edition. It's all done to perfection, with care and, without a doubt, this is the best "Spiderman cosplay photo" we've ever seen in the world. Standing ovation. No words.

Copia di 137 Alex Kie

Beautiful the Wonder Woman made by the cosplayer WonderKat and sent to us by the photographer Alex Kie. Fantastic post-production work on this image, sweet restyling, soft light on the model's face and various effects aimed at giving majesty to the final picture. Total focus on the subject, blurring the background, excellent choice. Congratulations to this team!

Copia di 144 IRISH JERRY

Irish Gerry again, another masterpiece, a photo with a special cuts and plays of light aimed at giving importance to the Black Widow of the Avengers. The cosplayer (Scarlet Nova) knows very well how to pose in front of the camera even in particular artistic choices like this one, so the final image that reaches the viewer is really powerful and charismatic. Congratulations!

Copia di 327 Alice Berria

Beautiful photo of the cosplayer Alice Berria created by Daniele Cosenza Photocosplay. The Italian photographer (and videomaker) is fantastic in this Phocus edition thanks to his multiple technical skills that have led him to move from one genre to another with extreme simplicity. An experienced photographer knows that the choice of point of view will influence the viewer's eye, giving strong emotions and a decisive impact final result. The choice of such a particular shot was risky, because possible loss of "3D" but the doubts have diminished thanks to a good post-production phase (and a very good rendering of the character, good the cosplayer in this case) that differ a lot from the background used. Congratulations.

Copia di 462 The Azur

One of the latest photos coming into the competition came from Switzerland and precisely from the photographer The Azur who creates a fantastic close up to the cosplayer "sirens in crime" as the famous Harley Quinn. A close up that fully respects all the canons of good photography, resets the background making it black, giving focus only on the model. The emotions for the viewer come thanks to the beautiful final colors and to the rule of "dominant eye" placed deliberately decentralized in order to capture the eye of the spectator and makes him fall in love. Beautiful image, one of the best of Phocus 2019. Congratulations


The most popular category of this edition of Phocus, many photos of absolute level inspired by the world of video games, we review some, all was really impossible, but these are certainly the most spectacular!

Copia di 2 Az Production Mikhail Davydov yuna

A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography is one of the best cosplay photographers in the world (2nd absolute place in Phocus 2018). He gives us a stratospheric image of Yuna from the Final Fantasy X universe created by Catrielle Cosplay. The photo is inspired by an artwork of "Hannah Alexander". In this photo the post-production is minimal: here it's all the merit is of the study, the passion and the great work made. Extremely natural lights, fantastic definition, exciting location. All good, congratulation. Mention for "Ai no Tenshi Art" assistant of A.Z. in this shooting.


We received many photos of Aloy (from Horizon Zero Dawn) during this edition, but this one by the German photographer Terobes Arts and the cosplayer Monono Creative Arts is the best for us. Absolute naturalness (it seems to be in the video game), the image is exciting for all those who have lived and loved the videogame developed by Guerrilla Games. The beautiful location and the warm and adventurous sunset lights are really beautiful. Thank you for sending us this photo and congratulations!

Copia di 26 XIXIXION

How much study and how much capacity behind a photo like this one realized by the photographer Abletodoall! There are dark tones and a "sad" emotion transmitted by this shot coming from the world of the protagonist of the scene Chloe Price from Life is Strange. The Spanish cosplayer Xixixion is also really fantastic in the interpretation and shows a great knowledge of the character and a great ability in front of the camera. Congratulations, 10+++


Michel Takuma Photography (4th absolute place in the previous edition of Phocus) takes the field with a beautiful photo of the Yuna from Final Fantasy X. Great image quality, temper of the character caught to perfection (this, in a "simple photo", it's very difficult), beautiful location/background. What can we say...congratulations to one of the best cosplay photographers in the world (in this photo and in many others). A worthy mention also for the cosplayer Ainlina, very good at posing phase and making Yuna (one of the most "cosplayerized" characters of the last few years) not banal. Congrats.

Copia di 54 Befeel

Be Feel and the cosplayer Amaltea looking for a new award and prize. The duet again demonstrates that they know how to capture the viewer with an epic and very emotional image. Sinon from Sword Art Online is the character of this photo and we were very impressed by the peculiarity of the photo from the square cuts, to the effect of the coat, passing from the very high definition to the excellent rendering of light and final colors. No words. Great job, good.

Copia di 107 Mannequinn

The Scottish cosplayer ManneQuinn is a wonderful Great Fairy from The Legend of Zelda. Any fan of the Nintendo saga seeing this image will be reminded of the famous laugh of the fairy that helps Link in his adventures, emotion recreated and transmitted thanks to the  absolute genius of Malimoria Photography, one of the best photographers and digital artists in Europe. The location chosen is extremely relevant to the character and a fabulous post-production complete the work. Congratulations, we love it!

Copia di 108 Alex Kie

Another photo of Alex Kie awarded in this edition! Spectacular photo of the cosplayer Gaioz as Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. Very high photographic and editing ability by the Spanish photographer in this image. Excellent point of view, great image, cleanliness and with an excellent post-production. One of the images most appreciated by our followers on social networks. Congratulations!

Copia di 192 Ivan Kodzhanikolov Inciden7a

Great photo of the Bulgarian photographer Ivan Kodzhanikolov "Inciden7a". Beautiful point of view that gives even more importance to the cosplayer Elentari-sama (Tsurumaru Kuninaga from the browser game Touken Ranbu), fantastic colors and a touch of class of the foreground leaves that make the image exciting to the eyes of the viewer. It takes a great artistic vein and a great capacity to create a photo like this. Congratulations guys (also to the cosplayer for the interpretation).

Copia di 206 Taryn Cosplay

Taryn is certainly one of the cosplayers in the spotlight in this edition, surely together with another pair of cosplayers they could compete for a hypothetical "best of the show" prize, a cosplayer with great interpretative abilities in front of the camera as well as the video camera. A striking example of this is the image created in collaboration with the acclaimed photographer Daniele Cosenza Photocosplay, an image that could epically be the cover of a future video game or film inspired by the events of Geralt of Rivia in the series The Witcher, Congratulations.

Copia di 218 Studio Zahora

Oh my god! The champion of Phocus 2018, Studio Zahora (Poland) enters the field and leaves everyone without words (again)! We received lots of images inspired by the 2B character from the Nier: Automata serie, but this is the most epic. An absolute masterpiece in photographic terms, an exciting photo at the right point, made with the right technique and post-produced with painstaking care. The Studio Zahora proves itself once again at the top of world cosplay photography. Congratulations also to the cosplayer Lorien, without a good realization and knowledge of the character these results cannot be achieved. Standing ovation.

Copia di 317 Steeve Li Photography

Steeve Li Photography with the cosplayer Sulian Miles for an absolute masterpiece in photographic terms inspired by the character Akali (K/DA). An image that transmits so many emotions, maybe for the pose, for the look or for the spectacular play of lights extremely relevant to the context we are talking about. Wow, how nice! Everything is perfect here! We thank the French photographer and the cosplayer for sending us this photo. Thanks, thanks and thanks again!


The last photo entered in the Phocus 2019 and randomly the latest photo to be rewarded in this long review of the "Best 100". The French photographer Valentine Offner Photographe sends us a spectacular photo of the cosplayer Timbercosplay (excellent performance) and her Star Guardian Soraka from League of Legends. Sweet and poetic photo with a uniform light over the entire shooting surface, beautiful final colors and particles effects of great impact (small touches of class that distinguish a good photograph from a master). Congratulations guys for this wonderful job!

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