The 2020 edition of Phocus was a fantastic edition! Over 500 media from 24 different countries (new record), a fantastic contest and the second phase will end on 26th July 2020 with all the official final results! Thanks to all cosplayers, photographers and videomakers for your support. Thanks to Saal Digital and the other partners in spite of the Covid-19 emergency believed in our project. Finally, thanks to all the social staff, the technical staff and the various juries that have worked (and will work until 26th July 2020) for the best possible management of the contest, a large family that grows every year formed by fantastic people from all over the world.



The reviews of some of the best videos of this edition! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see them all!
The final ranking will be announced on 26th July 2020.

1 Video

Cosplayer: Lylivi
Videomaker: Blue Crystal Works
Country: Polond Bandiera Polonia
Youtube link to see it:
An extraordinary trailer of the character Violet Evergarden (from the namesake series) with a fantastic photographical direction. There are lots of framing cuts to make even more exciting every single frame, an atmospheric music and a post-production that highlights some traits of this beautiful light novel. All is well done and impeccable. Congrats.

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020):

2 Video

Cosplayers: Various
Videomaker: Sneaky Zebra
Country: United Kingdom Bandiera Inghilterra
Youtube link to see it:
Sneaky Zebra is the king of the cosplay music videos, the one that started and made them famous worldwide thanks to YouTube. Here, the location is the MCM London Comicon and during the 4 minutes of video one can see tons of incredible cosplayers, all with pressing music that makes you happy and willing to dance. The great videomaker enriches the video with special effects that make it even more epic! Fantastic!

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 3°

4 Video

Cosplayers: Various
Videomaker: Butterfly creative
Country: Slovakia Bandiera Slovacchia
Youtube link to see it:
Also here we are in front of a cosplay music video, with lots of cosplayers involved. A very funny video that accomplishes its goal. It has an excellent musical accompaniment and we congratulate with the videomaker that, putting excerpts from animes related to the shown characters, gives a touch of originality. Really a very good idea. Congrats.

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 11°

5 Video

Cosplayer: Astria
Videomaker: San4es100
Country: Russia Bandiera Russia
Youtube link to see it:
Great emotional impact in this video that immerses us in the atmospheres of Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne.
The "disturbing" vision of the images gives tension to the viewer and also the post-prodution and the music are excellent. Another great work realized by the Russian cosplayer Astria and the videomaker San4es100. Congratulations for the result.

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 5°

6 Video

Cosplayer: Kurodazecos
Videomaker: Totoro Photoset Orders
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Youtube link to see it:
A really successful spot for the Mystic Messenger series. Indeed the videomaker is the current vice-champion in charge Totoro Photoset Orders, one that knows well how to trait the chosen argument in just a few seconds. This time too the direction is impeccable, the film is short but really satisfying.
Congrats also to the cosplayer Kurodazecos, a great videographical and photographical revelation of this Phocus edition.

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 8°

8 video

Cosplayers: Unskilled Projects
Videomaker: Zona Otaku
Country: Spain Bandiera Spagna
Youtube link to see it:
A very well-done film by the Spanish videomaker “Zona Otaku”. Her new project is really a pressing escalation of emotions; on more, the music nicely transports us during the 2 minutes of the film, which ends with an iconic scene from the majestic Square-Enix videogame Nier:Automata. On more the two cosplayers' interpretation is excellent. Applause!

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 7°

9 Video

Cosplayer: shin0nna
Videomaker: Studio Gepard Photography
Country: Bulgaria Bandiera Bulgaria
Youtube link to see it:
Great trailer of the character of Professor Trelawney (from Harry Potter).
We loved a lot the general atmosphere aroused from the trailer: lots of details, an excellent interpretation and a nice photo direction. A film that, who knows, from trailer may become something more and we would appreciate that. Congratulations to all of you!

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 6°

10 Video

Cosplayer: Valentina Bua
Videomaker: AleLanz Video
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Youtube link to see it:
How much we love there "storytelling" videos! Even more if they're realized and interpreted so well. We are in the world of Dragon Age: Origins and the character is the famous Morrigan. The cosplayer arrives on horseback inside a very suggestive location, there are a lot of details and a maniacal cure on the shots; it's visibly a work coming from great passion and technical capabilities. The music that suddenly becomes pressing, special effects, nice short, go to see it! Spectacular!

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 2°

12 Video

Cosplayers: Kurichan Cosplay e Jessnatsu
Videomaker: Margherita Agati
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Youtube link to see it:
A very emotional video with an impactful musical choice. A real homage to the Harry Potter saga. We feel like rewarding the creation of short films of this type, because they strongly spark passion. The good photo direction and the excellent interpretation by the cosplayers make it a pleasant film which inspires good emotions to the viewer. Very good.

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 12°

14 Video

Cosplayers: Fantasy Real Dreams
Videomaker: Fabio Camillo
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Youtube link to see it:
Another storytelling video with an exaggeratedly convincing technical realization. Surely one of the videos candidate as "video of the year" of this Phocus edition.
The atmosphere of the game Dungeons and Dragons is perfectly recreated, there's a great cure on the shots and the sound aspect of the film and all is made even more convincing by the interpretation of the guys of the Fantasy Real Dreams group. Congratulation to everyone, there's a lot of work behind the realization of a video like this.

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 4°

16 Video

Cosplayer: Fae La Blanche
Videomaker: Omaru
Country: Austria Bandiera Austria
Youtube link to see it:
A great trailer of the Final Fantasy 7 character Aerith Gainsborough. In just 20 seconds one is captured from the cosplayer's beauty thanks to a wise use of different shots and a very catchy musical background. A project we encourage to expand and transform also in a short film. Surely, given the ability of the cosplayer and the videomaker, it would be fabulous!

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 10°

18 Video

Cosplayers: Various
Videomaker: H.E-X Photography
Country: United Kingdom Bandiera Inghilterra
Youtube link to see it:
The video from the talented English videomaker is a really strange project. A video inspired by the videogame Persona 4 universe and realized during the serious Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, this project saw the participation of numerous cosplayers from 5 different countries and, during the 2 minutes of video, a maze of relationships between the character of the saga is shown. An interesting idea also for the way it has been realized and edited, avoiding spoilers. We suggest you to see it. Surely an extremely original video, realized with great passion in a period of huge worldwide difficulty. Congratulation guys!

Final position in the ranking (announced 26th July 2020): 9°



The reviews of some of the best photos of this edition! Click HERE to see all the photos of this edition!
The final TOP10 will be announced on 26th July 2020.



Cosplayer: Gutta Proença

Photographer: Fefolhes

Country: Brazil Bandiera Brasile.png

This is one of the photos that literally made our followers mad on socials! Incredible colours and excellent post-production for a photo that make the viewer's eyes happy.
The choice of the focus on the model's look is outstanding (character: Neeko from League of Legends) in this great photography work.
Congrats to the Brazilian photographer and the cosplayer!


Cosplayer: Yumdun

Photographer: Cosplay Studio

Country: Norway Bandiera Norvegia

During these years, many photos from Square-Enix's masterpiece Nier:Automata arrived into Phocus and also in this edition they're numerous, but we chose to crown the photo by the Norvegian photographer Cosplay Studio and the cosplayer Yumdun because it's incredible. A great visual impact, an extremely videogame-relevant location and an amazing shot that, thanks to the skyline deliberately put on the bottom, tend to give even more importance to the character of 2B, dominating the scene.


Cosplayer: Yumdun

Photographer: S.Photography

Country: France Bandiera Francia

One of the most beautiful photos of "Aqua" from Kingdom Hearts (in this case, the Anti Aqua version) we received. Very suggestive and immersive image to the viewer's eyes, the nightmare-corrupted character wander in a world making the viewer emotionally protagonist of the scene. A photo that "speaks". Applause to the photographer and the cosplayer.


Cosplayer: Keyiro

Photographer: Il Baro

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia

This photo of Princess Zelda from the Nintendo Masterpiece “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is very beautiful. The rule of thirds is perfectly applied by the skillful Italian photographer and the subject of the scene is decentered making the image definitely more dynamic and visively impacting. Also the choice of the location is excellent, being relevant to the character and the videogame. Bravo.



Cosplayer: sladkoslava

Photographer: Eugenesart_

Country: Latvia Bandiera Lettonia

The Witcher is an extremely popular series also thanks to the recent release of the Netflix series that made the saga by the Polish team CD Project RED even more famous. Also the cosplay world has been literally invaded by photos of Geralt, Triss and Ciri. The photographer Eugenesart_ and the cosplayer sladkoslava give us a great image of the latter in a very warm an suggestive atmosphere. We loved very much the choice to blur the background, making the photo a lot more warm and giving importance to the character.


Cosplayer: Taryn Cosplay

Photographer: Daniele Cosenza Photocosplay

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia

There's a huge hype for the CyberPunk 2077 release all over the world and there are already a lot of interesting cosplay. This one from Taryn Cosplay and Daniele Cosenza Photocosplay is surely the one mostly in the spotlight due to the big ability of the two interpreters. An impactful photo. Great cosplay, basic photographical rules perfectly respected...we are in front of a excellent project and we allow ourself to suggest the protagonists to transform all of this also in a videographic form! Always good!


Cosplayer: Sabrina Spina

Photographer: Daniele Cosenza Photocosplay

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia

Do you want an impactful photo? Call Daniele Cosenza Photocosplay! This Italian skillful photographer and videomaker is surely one of the certainty of the last years cosplay panorama worldwide. This time, we see him struggling with the beautiful Lara Croft realized from Sabrina Spina. Hypnotic and magical photo, with a great atmosphere. The particular composition catch the eyes of the viewer immersing it even more in the vision. Congrats to both of you!


Cosplayer: Kusya

Photographer: Lucrecia

Country: Russia Bandiera Russia

What a wonderful sight! A photo that seems simple at the first sight but hiding lots of details and touches of class to give goosebumps! The light, the editing, the sharpness...all is damn perfect. Great visual impact for an image technically impeccable and difficult to study and realize. For the record, the character is the Fire Keeper from Dark Souls 3. Congrats you both!


Cosplayer: Ali Cosplay

Photographer: Aleksander Photography

Country: Austria Bandiera Austria

Location, character, colours...well, in this image there are all the needed to be considered a great photo! The character is Helis from Horizon Zero Dawn, immersed in a visual contest that is extremely relevant with the saga from Guerrilla Games; really a nice photographical work that pays homage to a character of the game that isn't the classic "Aloy.


Cosplayer: Fae La Blanche

Photographer: Aleksander Photography

Country: Austria Bandiera Austria

There is a great study behind an image like this. The character is not frontal and this is the "poetical" and genial choice of the project. All of this seems like a stolen shot, a main characteristic of this photographical work that makes it interesting and different from other thousand photos lately released of the character of Aerith (thanks to the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake). The sunset, the lights, the blurred background, the model pose...all are perfect. Applause.


Cosplayer: anonchi

Photographer: Focal Fox

Country: Germany Bandiera Germania

#NOWORDS. Our social staff used this hashtag to describe this image on our Instagram profile. Astounding photo, extraordinary colours and focus totally in the face of the character (Talanji from World of Warcraft) that isn't looking to the viewer but it equally captures it thanks to a nailed and well studied artistic choice. There's little to say but that we are in front of yet another masterpiece from the German photographer Focal Fox; loud applause also to the great work performed by the cosplayer anochi. Bravo!


Cosplayer: Mila Alexia Jaeger

Photographer: Aleksander Photography

Country: Austria Bandiera Austria

"Hat trick" in this category for Aleksander Photography. A of the most beautiful photos of this edition. Extraordinary photographic composition, "insane" interpretation of the cosplayer Mila Alexia Jaeger (character A2 from Nier: Automata). Everyone standing on the chair, two hours of applause.



Cosplayer: Lia Cosplay & Art

Photographer: PMForeverArts

Country: France Bandiera Francia

Violette Evergarden is one of the most represented characters all over the world. Here we're in front of a photographic masterpiece: the lights and the composition are extraordinary, the photo is extremely clean, brilliant and touching. Congratulation to the photographer who's nice to capture the right moment and the cosplayer, extraordinary in front of the lens.


Cosplayer: Dragon Rider cosplay

Photographer: Carlos Adama

Country: Spain/UK Bandiera Spagna/Bandiera Inghilterra

The socials were literally mad seeing this image. The Spider-Gwen realized by Dragon Rider cosplay is visually spectacular. The post-production by the photographer Carlos Adama is genial: the viewer is immersed in the scene that seems to be taken from a movie. A great study and huge realization capabilities hide behind a photo like this. Congrats.


Cosplayer: Aloy Cosplay

Photographer: MViana Photography

Country: Brazil Bandiera Brasile.png

Another photo that literally explodes on our social accounts. A very beautiful representation of Lady Oscar - The Rose of Versailles (Versailles no Bara). It's an elegant image rich in character and touches of classes (like the blurred handrail) that make it one of the best shots of this edition. Applause.


Cosplayer: Kurodazecos

Photographer: Totoro Photoset Orders

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia

What an extraordinary image...spectacular colors, an incredible location and a composition to scream by the Italian photographer and videomaker Totoro Photoset Orders. Even the cosplayer is extraordinary, who's in a pose that isn't surely easy but made very natural and related to the character (Wei Wuxian from Mo Dao Zu Shi).


Cosplayer: Sweet Angel

Photographer: A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography

Country: Russia Bandiera Russia

This is A.Z.Production! A masterpiece from the young Russian photographer, one of the more influential of today's world cosplay scene. Obviously the location is extraordinary but not everybody knows how to empathize it! The composition is very beautiful, the character is deliberately decentered leaving the right side of the photo the task to describe even more the Dolomites. Finally, the post-production is excellent light and performing to the scene. Very beautiful and as always extra the cosplayer Sweet Angel (Horo from Spice and Wolf). Together with A.Z. she forms a couple we hope to see again soon!


Cosplayer: Celaena Cosplay

Photographer: Daniele Cosenza Photocosplay

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia

What a show! Very suggestive and impactful image, a Princess Mononoke realized by the extraordinary cosplayer Celaena Cosplay (very nice in front of the lens of the masterly Daniele Cosenza) that really do justice to the work of the master Hayao Miyazaki. Moreover, the photographer has been brilliant in the post-production and, with the shot deliberately from below, he made the figure of the princess even more epic.


Cosplayer: Pretty Icecream Couture

Photographer: Valentina Malavenda - Photography

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia

At the first impression, this masterpiece photo realized by the Italian photographer Valentina Malavenda - Photography and the cosplayer Pretty Icecream Couture looks like a painting. It's an original version of  Princess Serenity (from Sailor Moon), immersive, fascinating and striking thanks to the crazy expressiveness of the model. Wonderful lights and impactful post-production. Very good! Congrats!


Cosplayer: Mila Alexia Jaeger

Photographer: Aleksander Photography

Country: Austria Bandiera Austria

Starting from a subject that's extraordinary due to its beauty and similarity to the character (Reika from GANTZ), the award-winning Austrian photographer Aleksander Photography made another masterpiece. Wonderful lights, a series-related location and a perfect composition: this is how to wisely build a masterpiece with study and simplicity. Congratulations to both of us.




Cosplayer: Distressed Demon

Photographer: Devon Keuben Photography

Country: Netherlands Bandiera Olanda

The Percy Jackson series is having enormous success in recent years so that some movies and a coming series on Disney+ have been realized.
Here we are in front of a great photo that gives a crazy final impact thanks to excellent post-production and use of the colors that transmit an emotively fantastic sense of inquietude and sadness. Congrats to Distressed Demon (character: Nico di Angelo) for the great expressivity and to the photographer Devon Keuben Photography who's been good both in shooting and post-production.


Cosplayer: be_different_withmissy

Photographer: Domifabienne

Country: Switzerland Bandiera Svizzera

Harley Quinn recently received the homage of her own movie (the non very lucky "Birds of Prey") and she's in the most "cosplayed" characters of the last years. In this case, we are discussing photography and this is a great masterpiece. Wonderful colors, gaudy lights, a very beautiful subject who takes the entire scene; we also praise the photographer who blurred the background emphasizing the character even more. All is perfect, another masterpiece from one of the most appreciated European photographers of recent years.


Cosplayer: parkercosplay

Photographer: Eugenesart_

Country: Latvia Bandiera Lettonia

This is Eugene! New great photo of Spiderman from Spiderman: Far From Home, realized by the cosplayer parkercosplay. "Urban" style with perfect composition, definition and extraordinary final colors rendering. Another masterpiece that consolidates the talented Latvian photographer on top of the world cosplay photography.


Cosplayer: effedouble

Photographer: beni_luca

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia

How beautiful is this photo of Melisandra from the Game of Thrones series! A "stolen" shot during a cold morning in the Westros lands that made us want again this very beautiful TV series. The interpretation performed by the model is excellent, the photographer is nice to choose the right time to shot and the final result seems to come from a topic moment of the movie. Congratulation to both of you!


Cosplayer: Savi Cosplay

Photographer: Be Feel

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia

"Fashion" photo, sensual but not vulgar. Well realized. The camera, placed at ground level, gives even more importance to the subject and the location, the sunset and the post-production compose a warm, relaxing and impactful image. Congrats to both of you, the photo was really tricky to realize.



195 Focal Fox

Cosplayer: punygoddess

Photographer: Focal Fox
Country: Germany Bandiera Germania

Focal Fox, extremely inspired in this Phocus edition, give us another convincing shot in this 2020. Technique, study and excellent post-production capabilities for a result that catches the viewer's eyes. The typical "psychopathic" laughter of the famous Joker is made even more "dark" by the optimal use of the fog, so the photographer has been very good in general but also the cosplayer is nice to identify with the part. Excellent work.

311 Ninety Cosplay

Cosplayer: Ninety Cosplay

Photographer: Axel Nova Photography
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Wonderman! Surely one of the most appreciated superheros of last years appear in all its epic in this project by Axel Nova Photography and the cosplayer Ninety Cosplay. We are in front of an image that could be a movie poster, given the excellent post-production capabilities that excite the viewer. Without taking anything away from the other projects inspired by this character and challenging in Phocus 2020, this is without any doubt the most representative and merits to be awarded in this category. Great work, bravo.



174 Marco Gnech Photography

Cosplayer: Chiara Luchini
Photographer: Marco Gnech Photogrphy

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia

The close-up category of Phocus often gives the most beautiful photos of the contest. This one by Marco Gnech Photography is part of them. We are in front of (literally) of the scary Pennywise (female version fron the movie "IT"). The model is spectacular, extremely expressive, the game of lights used by the photographer is fantastic and makes the atmosphere even more "dark". A photo that's technically perfect. Congrats to both of you.

207 Barbara Cortili Portraits

Cosplayer: Hitomi
Photographer:Barbara Cortili Portraits
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Exciting shot realized by Barbara Cortili Portraits. One of the best close-ups of this year, coming from study and great technical capabilities, in addition to the praiseworthy expressivity of the model. An image that's extremely incisive, capturing the viewer thanks to an excellent composition and the respect of the rules to archive a good close-up. Also the floral frame that "hides" the character is pleasant. Very good.

284 Medero Photos

Cosplayer: Giulia Lohan
Photographer:Medero Photos
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
A sensual, warm and extremely convincing image proposed by the photographer Medero Photos, one of the leading international exponents in this type of cosplay photo. The viewer is caught by the model's dominant eye, who's beautiful, simple and highly expressive in front of the lens. The small touch of class of the flame on the left completes a surely high-level and praiseworthy work. Congrats.


Cosplayer: Caprix Circus
Photographer: KTP KEVIN THIERY
Country: France Bandiera Francia
One of the most beautiful close-ups of this edition comes from France. Excellent compositional technique with an impactful shot from top to bottom. This genre of photos is very difficult so we often see "plain" and lifeless shots. KTP KEVIN THIERY instead successes in making all really "alive" and three-dimensional, creating a fantastic final product. Also, the cosplayer is excellent catching the eye of the viewer with her natural pose (original character: Chess Queen). Congratulations to both of you.

344 Foxglovegiuggy

Cosplayer: Foxglovegiuggy
Photographer: Andrea Giliberto Giusti
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Here we are in front of a close-up that is among the best worldwide in the cosplay photography of recent years, a stratospheric work with outstanding technical and realization capabilities by both of them. An extraordinarily expressive model, a genial shot with an amazing game of lights. This photo resumes the essence and the level of this contest, we take it as an icon of this edition and we thank you for having sent it. 10+

413 Focal Fox

Cosplayer: lancellottecosplay
Photographer:Focal Fox
Country: Germany Bandiera Germania
The award-winning German photographer Focal Fox proves to be exceptional also in the close-up category and he does it with the support of the cosplayer lancellottecosplay who's Sally Whitemane from World of Warcraft. An intense close-up, rich in atmosphere and exciting. The interpretation by the cosplayer is excellent, as well as the composition by Focal Fox. Amazing!


62 uomouranio

Cosplayer: Erica Cosplay
Fotografo: uomouranio
Nazione: Italy Bandiera Italia
A photo that's very simple but brought us back to the colorful and festive atmospheres of the Disney masterpiece "Coco". The photographer "uomouranio" is nice in this, as in the other photos sent for the contest, to "create" the world he want to represent giving them the right emotivity. The cosplayer and Dante together are perfectly immersed in the location of the animated film, that is rich in colors and lightheartedness.
A photo which snatched a sweet smile from us. Very good. 

63 A.Z. Production Cosplay Photography

Cosplayer: Lishka C
Fotografo: A.Z. Production Cosplay Photography
Nazione: Russia Bandiera Russia
A.Z. is a masterly photographer in emphasize the already wonderful location that he decides to use for his sets. This photo is a clear example: we are immersed in the magical and colorful atmospheres of the Disney animated film Moana. In addition to an excellent post-production, we found nice also the pose of the cosplayer. Congrats to both of us.

130 Keyiro

Cosplayer: Keyiro
Fotografo: Hainecch
Nazione: Italy Bandiera Italia
Great masterpiece by the Italian photographer Hainecch. The character is Princess Sher-ra from She-ra and the princesses of power, spin-off of the famous He-Man saga. The simmetries respected in the phase of composition are excellent, the special effects are magical and immerse the viewer even more in the view. The well realized cosplay embellishes this great homage to the series.

135 Fashion Cosplay

Cosplayer: Cristal Light
Fotografo: Fashion & Cosplay
Nazione: Italy Bandiera Italia
A photo that strikes the viewer with an excellent composition (on which Fashion & Cosplay demonstrate to be masters). A great shot, a good post-production and various touches of class, together with a nice character (congratulations to the cosplayer), make this one of the best photos of Elsa (Frozen) of recent years. It's always difficult, photographically speaking, to portray characters that are already used a lot in this environment, but in this case the photographer and the cosplayer pass the test. Congrats!

170 S.Photography

Cosplayer: Nikita
Fotografo: S.Photography
Nazione: France Bandiera Francia
One of the most beautiful photos of this edition, surely vying for important places in the final ranking. Impressive study and technical capabilities by the photographer and the cosplayer lay behind this photo, all is near the perfection. Composition, post-production, colors rendering and a model pose. that merits applauses (character: Snow White, Disney), already seen in a famous scene of the animated film released in the far 1937. Ten minutes of applauses.

297 GeneralNinjaCosplay

Cosplayer: GeneralNinjaCosplay
Fotografo: Artemis Studios
Nazione: United States of America Bandiera America
A great close-up of the character Astrid Hofferson from the How to Train Your Dragon series,
A wise use of the lights, an excellent composition and really immersive and moody particle effects enrich this photo. Congrats to both because, even if the scene is absolutely simple, the photo is "hypnotic" and very exciting. Congratulations!



101 Domifabienne

Cosplayer: be_different_withmissy
Photographer: Domifabienne
Country: Switzerland Bandiera Svizzera
An extraordinary photo, one of the most beautiful of this edition. A wonderful composition realized with excellent symmetries, impactful lights effects and warm colors. A spectacular original character by an extremely expressive model. There's little to add but the congratulation to both of them for this work.

176 Marco Gnech Photography

Cosplayer: Letizia Cosplay
Photographer: Marco Gnech Photography
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
The queen of roses by Marco Gnech Photography and the cosplayer Letizia Cosplay is as beautiful as you could wish for this genre of photography in our field. An elegant, refined and rich in emotions photo. The framing chosen by the photographer is excellent and pays homage to the whole character: all the details are visible despite the feeble light. A very beautiful technical realization, together with a great pre-shot study. Applause!

283 Medero Photos

Cosplayer: Lydia X Sabry
Photographer: Medero Photos
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
A photo, a painting, that brings us in the past Renaissance atmospheres that are rich in class and refinement. We are in front of a technical and interpretative masterpiece by the Italian couple and a crazy use of colors and lights completes a first-level composition. The location is excellent and the cosplayer is exceptional in front of the lens, Lydia X Sabry is even more extraordinary than usual in this "original" world.

329 ShotShoot

Cosplayer: lilbunny_mey

Photographer: Shot&Shoot

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
A photo that shocked our socials. It has been welcomed really well by our followers. We are in front of a really peculiar and well-realized original work. On the technical side, the choice of the colors is actually unique and wise and the shot from the bottom gives even more importance to the subject. Excellent idea, nice realization.
Congrats to both of you.

358 Angelicas Bear

Cosplayer: Bellcrius
Photographer: Angelica's Bear
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
A photo definitely full of epic that can be without any doubt a great poster for a fantasy movie. The image made by an excellent color choice and a post-production that gives the character a golden effect making it even more epic than normal. The simple but emotional expressivity by the cosplayer completes the work and surely caught our eyes. Congrats!


93 Kyrbyn

Cosplayer: Iwa Cosplay
Photographer: Kyrbyn
Country: France Bandiera Francia
Geniale e con un grandissimo effetto di emozionalità contrastanti la foto dell'ottimo artista francese Kyrbyn e della cosplayer Iwa Cosplay. Lo sguardo della modella è dolce e rilassato cosa che contrasta (in maniera positiva) con tutto il resto della foto, dalla location alla resa dei colori volutamente “dark”. Completa il quadro un'ottima composizione generale unita ad una post-produzione di assoluto livello. Bellissimo lavoro, bravi.

376 Marlenex

Cosplayer: Marlenex and Manuel Canale
Photographer: Matteo Sciarra
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Foto straordinaria di Matteo Sciarra, campione assoluto del Phocus nell'edizione 2016/17.
Fantastico il fotografo italiano che si conferma una certazza anche nel mondo horror. Una foto estremamente professionale, perfetta sotto tutti i punti di vista. Oltre ad una location ottima e attinente al contesto che si voleva ricreare, sono i giochi di luce (studiati nei minimi dettagli) ad emergere in maniera incredibile in questa foto. I due cosplayer con una interpretazione da urlo completano un quadro che elegge di diritto questa foto fra le migliori del genere degli ultimi anni. Complimenti a tutti.

416 Reika BlackCandy

Cosplayer: Reika BlackCandy
Photographer: Enrico G. Munari Ph
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Personaggio Original veramente inquietante, straordinaria la cosplayer Reika BlackCandy in questa interpretazione, contesto realizzativo ottimo ed attinente all'atmosfera che si voleva ricreare. Buonissimo l'uso dei colori per un senso di inquietudine che pervade lo spettatore durante tutta la visione dell'opera fotografica. Complimenti ad entrambi.


427 Svilen Cross

Cosplayer: Jane Vindom
Photographer: Svilen Cross
Country: Bulgaria Bandiera Bulgaria
Una foto per certi versi semplice ma molto convincente a livello realizzativo, foto in “studio”, si è deciso di annullare il background per lasciare completamente spazio alla modella. La post produzione è buona ancora di più come la resa finale dei colori per un risultato conclusivo sicuramente “dark” ma al tempo stesso molto “fashion” e moderno. Complimenti ad entrambi per lo stile.


214 Kingeston

Cosplayer: fabio gentilini
Photographer: Kingeston
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Più che una foto un manifesto per la categoria! Apparte gli scherzi, abbiamo trovato geniale questa foto dell'italiano Kingeston, il personaggio c'è ma non si vede cioè si è deciso di dare spazio nell'immagine a dei dettagli del fantastico costume realizzato dal cosplayer fabio gentilini. Questa scelta artistica unita ad un'ottima post-produzione rendono quest'opera veramente affascinante, un'ipotetica locandina per un possibile film ispirato a questa epoca narrativa fantastica.


411 Adularia Cosplay

Cosplayer: Adularia Cosplay
Photographer: Andrea De Paoli
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Deliziosa, raffinata e di classe questa foto ritraente la bella Adularia Cosplay nelle vesti di un personaggio bollywoodiano in stile Steampunk.
Bravo il fotografo a rendere piacevole la visione allo spettatore mettendo in pieno risalto la figura della modella, la sua espressività e l'ottimo costume. Una foto strutturalmente per certi versi atipica se consideriamo il genere ma che ci sentiamo di premiare per l'ottimo lavoro svolto da entrambi. Bravi.

In this category, we are not technically reviewing your photos but, having asked you to compare the comparison between your cosplay and the real counterpart, we would like to bring to the attention of the public the most suggestive images, the major similarities and the photos that made us literally jump on the chair for the great similarity with the character or the very successful realization of the scene and the represented moment! What to say...congratulations and what a show!!! O_o

126 Penny Photography
Cosplayer:  Kimy
Photographer: Penny Photography
Country: Italia Bandiera Italia
Character and serie: Mike Wheeler / Stranger Things

451 Stjarna
Cosplayer:  Risaru and Stjarna
Photographer: Ookami no Yume
Country: Austria Bandiera Austria
Characters and serie: Joker & Violet / Persona 5

462 winterfellows
Cosplayer: winterfellows
Photographer: ozz_the_wizard
Country: Italia Bandiera Italia
Character and serie: Jon Snow / Games of Thrones



68 Kurumi Eiri

Cosplayer: Kurumi Eiri

Photographer: Sakurami Photography

Country: Spain Bandiera Spagna
This category awards the images that decisively use the post-production tools with the objective to give epic and even more importance to the subjects. This photo by Sakurami Photography is a perfect example, since it literally immerges the cosplayer in the world of Touken Ranbu. A final result that can be a nice advertising poster for a possible live action of the Netflix series! Congrats!

163 monsters cosplay
Cosplayer: monsters_cosplay
Photographer: gianluca_circiello
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Gianluca Circiello is a master in "pumping" to the maximum a shot and he confirms even this time with a visually majestic work. A swirl of special effects for Neo Queen Serenity & King Endymion from Sailor Moon! Great job!


210 il Baro

Cosplayer: Abramo
Photographer: il Baro
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
When the post-production comes together with an excellent composition, the only thing that can come up is a masterpiece. We loved this image of the Italian couple: the good interpretion by the cosplayer and the excellent technique of the photographer create a pleasant image, real and so worthy of a mention. Congrats to both of you.


222 Marius Videofx

Cosplayer: Pietro Cremaschini
Photographer: Marius Videofx

Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
Exciting and visually powerful photo sent by the Italian team. All the elements are built around the cosplayer and this artistic idea immerges the viewer inside the World of Warcraft saga. The task was successful. The envious will say "photoshop" :) Good work guys!


445 Bat Cracker

Cosplayer: Bat_Cracker
Photographer:Dream Cosplay Composition
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
With an epic cosplayer and super-massive post-production, we are brought in the universe of the anime Overlord! A successful image that raises the level of adrenaline of the viewer to very high levels. A digital work well thought out and artistically successful. Great!



81 Geira Cosplay

Cosplayer: Geira Cosplay and Nighthawks Cosplay
Photographer: Andrea Serafini
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
The group photos are always very difficult to be realized, often one falls in the banality of the "All in pose and...say cheese!" and talking about it at a technical level become almost impossible. On the contrary, in this case we luckily are in front of an extremely natural and "real" shot that perfectly immerges us in the atmospheres of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The location is good, the cosplayers' interpretation is excellent and the final color rendering is remarkable, creating a praiseworthy work. Nice!

475 H.E X Photography
Cosplayer: Gaioz, Josephy Anthony, Limit Break Cosplay e Prompto Argentum, che preferisce rimanere non creditato)
Photographer: H.E-X Photography
Country: United Kingdom Bandiera Inghilterra
Arrived at the last moments of the contest, this photo by H.E-X Photography is really an exciting group photo. The world is the one from Final Fantasy XV and all the group of main characters is really well-realized. A shot that's full of energy and splendidly post-producted. We congratulate to all, great work!


251 Barbara Ghiotti

Cosplayer: Taryn Cosplay and Armor Penny
Photographer: Barbara Ghiotti
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
If the waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 is already spasmodic, the view of photo sent by the Italian photographer Barbara Ghiotti increases our hype even more! One of the best photos of this edition in the immersivity of the viewer. The composition is excellent, the post-production is praiseworthy and the interpretation by the cosplayers is to scream. There isn't much to say, ten minutes of applauses. Congrats.


328 Buga

Cosplayer: Hinna and Ikari
Photographer: Buga
Country: Hungary Bandiera Ungheria
This photo by Buga is fantastic! Maya and Salvador from Borderlands 2 are extraordinarily characterized and immortalized. The color rendering is amazing and the choice of the depth of field with a shot slightly from the bottom gives even more importance to the location and, especially, to the two subjects. Highly remarkable job, well studied and realized. Congrats!

342 TEO

Cosplayer: TEO and Kusia
Photographer: Dorian (Anna Kaverzina)
Country: Russia Bandiera Russia
Impressive shot coming from Russia by the photographer Dorian (Anna Kaverzina). One of the most beautiful photos of this edition, with great technical capabilities in the post-production phase (surely in the top ten for this aspect) that immerge the viewer in the world of Dark Souls 3. We are shocked by the details and the touches of class that this trio give us in both the interpretative and technical levels. 10+

375 Valentina Malavenda Photography

Cosplayer: Ohscar and Stefano
Photographer: Valentina Malavenda - Photography
Country: Italy Bandiera Italia
An immersive and involving photo that brings us in the universe of the movie "Dredd", directed by Pete Travis and released in 2012. The post-production is excellent, the composition is precise and well-studied, a cinematic cut that hits the artistic target that a photo like this type must have. Congratulation to everyone.
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